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Boost WiFi Coverage At Home


Plug to any electrical outlet and boost your WiFi coverage at home. 5GHz & 2.4GHz WiFi supported, 1200Mbps speed.



Whole Home Wireless Coverage

Simply plug this BrosTrend 1200Mbps WiFi Extender to any electrical outlets, you can instantly extend the wireless coverage of your existing router network with AC1200 dual band WiFi speed throughout your home and even out into the yard. With concurrent 867Mbps extended speed on 5GHz WiFi band and 300Mbps on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band. Ideal for online 4K video streaming, multi-users gaming, high quality music etc., without buffering or interruption.This is a new Text block. Change the text.


BrosTrend Angle-Adjustable Wireless Antennas

2 pieces of high gain external Wi-Fi antennas plus integrated power amplifier units, BrosTrend AC1200 internet extender boosts and delivers superior wireless coverage throughout your house or office, and even out into the yard. Also delivers better WiFi coverage than WiFi extenders with internal antennas.


Latest AC1200 WiFi Technology - Dual Band

Latest AC1200 WiFi technology delivers 4 times speed as that of N300 or nearly 2 times as that of AC750, push your wireless range to the extreme without upgrading any existing equipment by adding this AC1200 wifi extenders signal booster for home.

Note: A Wifi range extender doesn't speed up the original Wi-Fi, it extends the signal coverage range.


WiFi Bridge - Connect Wired Device to WiFi

With 1 fast Ethernet port, you can connect your Ethernet-enabled device to WiFi, such as a PlayStation, Xbox, Smart TV, PC/MAC. Upgrade your wired entertainment device to AC1200 WiFi speed in a single shot with this dual band Wi-Fi internet booster.


Smart LED WiFi Signal Strength Indicator Finds the best Location to be Extended

Signal LED indicates wireless signal strength between WiFi repeater and your existing router, blue light means it has the best connected status. After initial setup, you can move your WiFi repeater to any electrical outlets by reading the color of signal LED.



For optimal WiFi performance, please install WiFi extender at least 2.5 feet away from the ground or ceiling floor.
Name of extended WiFi networks: MyNetworkName_EXT or MyNetworkName_5GEXT, WiFi password are the same as your existing router network.


WPS One-Touch Setup in Seconds

1.Press WPS button on existing WiFi router to activate WPS pairing function, WPS LED status on router should change.
2.Press WPS button on the BrosTrend AC1200 Wifi range extender within 2 minutes.
3.Wait until Signal LED of WiFi extender turns solid ON, successfully paired, initial setup completed!

Note: Initially please setup the BrosTrend wifi range extender for home in the same room with your existing router, then move your BrosTrend to other electrical outlet which is halfway between your router and area with poor router WiFi signal. Please do not install the BrosTrend in WiFi dead spot where router WiFi signal is not available


Also Supports Web Interface Setup

Users can also install this 1200Mbps wifi booster for the house via web interface in minutes if the WPS installation doesn't work.


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