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BrosTrend AX3000 WiFi to Ethernet Adapter Supports WiFi 6 Dual Band Connection Comes with Gigabit 1000 Mbps RJ45 LAN Port
BrosTrend AX3000 WiFi to Ethernet Adapter Supports WiFi 6 Dual Band Connection Comes with Gigabit 1000 Mbps RJ45 LAN Port
WiFi to Ethernet Adapter Connects to Your WiFi Router Wirelessly and Delivers a Stable Wired Connection to Your LAN Only Device
WiFi to Ethernet Adapter Comes with Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet Port 10 Times Faster Than 100Mbps LAN Port Up to 1000 Mbps Connection Speeds
WiFi to Ethernet Adapter with External Powerful Antennas and Amplifiers Enhances WiFi Signal Strength Enables Flexible Placement for Your Wired Device
WiFi to Ethernet Adapter Is Compatible with Any Wired Device Such as TV Computer Game Console Network Switch Printer VoIP Phone PC Camera
WiFi to Ethernet Adapter Supports WPS Pairing with WiFi Router Easy Setup No Driver Software Installation Is Needed

BrosTrend WiFi 6 AX3000 WiFi to Ethernet Adapter with RJ45 Gigabit Port, Dual Band Wireless Bridge for PC, Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Printer, Blu-Ray Player, DVR etc, WiFi to Wired Ethernet Adapter

Connect a Wired Device to WiFi 6: Experience WiFi 6 reliability on your wired device using this WiFi to Ethernet adapter. It connects to a WiFi router with dual-band 3000Mbps speeds, delivering the best performance on your device
Gigabit Ethernet Port: The Gigabit LAN port (1 Gbps) delivers speeds that are 10x faster than Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps). Fully utilize your bandwidth for smooth streaming and gaming with this WiFi to Ethernet adapter
Stronger Signal Strength: Equipped with 2 powerful antennas and 2 high-power amplifiers, this WiFi to Ethernet adapter establishes a robust connection with your router. Connect your wired device anywhere and experience unmatched flexibility
Versatile Compatibility: This WiFi to Ethernet adapter is designed to work with a variety of wired devices, including your TV, computer, game console, network switch, printer, VoIP phone, camera, and Much More
Easy Setup: The WPS feature of this WiFi to Ethernet adapter allows for effortless pairing with your Wi-Fi router. Upgrading your connection is easy, as no driver software installation is needed

Connect Your Wired Device to WiFi 6

Future-proof your wired device with WiFi 6! This adapter connects to your router wirelessly and delivers a stable LAN connection. With WiFi 6 technologies and a Gigabit Ethernet port, it paves the way for bandwidth-intensive tasks such as online gaming and 4K/8K streaming.


10x Faster Than Fast Ethernet

Provides data transfer speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) for your LAN-only device.


Robust Signals

Builds a dependable connection with its powerful and 180-degree rotatable antennas.


Easy WPS Setup

Step 1

Press the WPS button on your WiFi router.


Step 2

Press and hold the WPS button on this adapter.


Step 3

Relocate the adapter and connect your wired device to it. Enjoy a reliable connection!



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Customer Reviews

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roberto brunialti
Still dobiuus about it

The device can act both as repeater and lan adapter. I'm using it in the second way, to connect my tv set to my wifi 7 wireless lan thru an Ethernet cable. My APs are TPlink Omada EAP773. The distance is not too much (8/9 mts) considered the quality of the AP. The connectivity led is flipping between orange and green (medium to high) link quality. I experimented many short (3-4 seconds) connectivity downgrades during the use. I do'nt know why. That yelded some streaming lacks. At the moment I'm back with my cable extender. More tests have to be done to be sure the problem is not on my side.

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