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BrosTrend Nano USB WiFi 6 Adapter Delivers Up to 286Mbps on 2.4GHz Wireless Band Compatible with Windows 11 10 7 Supports OFDMA Beamforming BSS Color Tech
BrosTrend Nano USB WiFi 6 Adapter Delivers Up to 286Mbps on 2.4GHz Wireless Band Compatible with Windows 11 10 7 Supports OFDMA Beamforming BSS Color Tech
BrosTrend Nano WiFi 6 USB Adapter Is Plugged into a USB Port of a Laptop PC and Delivers Up to 286Mbps Fast Speeds
USB WiFi Adapters Comparison Chart WiFi 6 USB Adapter Provides Faster Speeds and Better Experience Than N150 Adapters with Beamforming BSS Color OFDMA Technologies
A Young Man is Holding a Laptop with This Nano WiFi 6 USB Adapter Plugged into a USB Port Ultra Small Size Brings Unparalleled Portability
Nano WiFi 6 USB Adapter Delivers Up to 286 Mbps Connection on 2.4GHz Wireless Band Fast for Surfing Working and Streaming
Nano WiFi 6 USB Adapter Supports Windows 11 10 7 with a Preloaded Driver and Compatible with Any Desktops and Laptops

BrosTrend AX300 Nano USB WiFi 6 Adapter, USB WiFi Adapter for Desktop PC Laptop, Portable USB Wireless Adapter WiFi Dongle for Windows 11/10/7, 2.4GHz Only, 286Mbps, WiFi 6 USB Easy Setup, NOT for Mac

·WiFi 6 Upgrade for PC: This WiFi 6 USB adapter delivers a great WiFi performance by adding WiFi 6 technologies to your computer. It's time to boost PC WiFi to 802.11ax standard via USB interface
·Better WiFi Experience: WiFi 6 technologies such as OFDMA, Beamforming and BSS Color, improve network efficiency and WiFi signals, making connection smooth even your PC is connected to a busy network. Delivers 2x faster speeds than N150 USB WiFi adapters
·Nano Design: With an ultra-small size of 0.83 × 0.59 × 0.28 inches, this WiFi adapter brings unparalleled portability and convenience. Plug it into an available USB port of your laptop and enjoy WiFi 6 Internet access on the go
·Stable Connection: This USB WiFi adapter for desktop pc delivers 286Mbps on 2.4GHz wireless band, which enables fast speeds for surfing, working and streaming on your PC. 5GHz band is NOT supported
·Good Compatibility: This USB WiFi adapter is compatible with any desktops and laptops. With a preloaded driver for Windows 11/10/7, it ensures an easy initial setup as you don't need to run a CD disc. Mac and Linux are NOT supported. Comes with 2-year warranty

Small in Size, Mighty in WiFi

Boost your older PC's WiFi with this latest WiFi 6 USB adapter, which delivers faster speeds, increased capacity and reduced latency. Its nano size ensures seamless portability wherever you go. Upgrade now to supercharge your PC's WiFi!

Nano WiFi 6 USB Adapter Ensures Seamless Portability and Delivers Fast Connections
Initial Installation Interface of This WiFi 6 USB Adapter Easy to Set up with Preloaded Driver

Easy Setup with Pre-loaded Driver

Initial installation is simplified with a pre-loaded driver stored in it and no CD disc is needed. Just plug and click for a seamless driver setup. You can also download the latest driver from our official website.

Secures Your Personal Data

Experience care-free connectivity anywhere! This WiFi 6 USB adapter combines advanced WPA2 encryption with nano size, providing safe connections to public WiFi. Safeguard your personal data on the go.

A Man Enjoys Secure WiFi on His Laptop with This USB WiFi Adapter Which Supports WPA2 Encryption
WiFi 6 USB Adapter with Beamforming Receives Focused Signals from a Router and Offers Better RangeWiFi 6 USB Adapter with Beamforming Receives Focused Signals from a Router and Offers Better Range

Simple Initial Setup

Step 1

Plug the USB WiFi adapter into an available USB port of your PC.

Initial Setup Step 1 Plug the USB WiFi 6 Adapter into an Available USB Port of Your PC

Step 2

Run the pre-loaded driver and install it.

Initial Setup Step 2 Run the Preloaded Driver in this USB WiFi 6 Adapter and Install It

Step 3

Connect to your WiFi network and setup is completed. Enjoy fast WiFi!

Initial Setup Step 3 Connect Your WiFi Network with This USB WiFi 6 Adapter and Enjoy Fast WiFi

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Worked perfectly

Its small doesnt take up any space, and easy to setup because software is included on adapter .

Not complicated at all

Plug it into a usb port of your choice (I used one in the rear) and let it do its thing. Ads Wi-Fi option as if the pc came with it from factory

Awesome low profile wifi adapter

If you are like me and need a small wifi adapter to allow an desk pc to connect wirelessly to your home wifi where there is no convenient way to run a landline to it then you should pick up one of these wifi adapters. There are definitely better solutions than using a nano wifi adapter because nano wifi adapters do not have the best reception but this adapter is more than adequate for my needs as this is for a older desktop pc that I have in my kids room to allow them to use the computer and connect to the internet without me having to try and figure a way to get a ethernet cable connection to the desktop pc.

Vinh Ly
works as expected

This adapter is a compact, small device that's easy to install on Windows. It operates exclusively on the 2.4GHz band. The signal strength is notably good, maintaining a strong and consistent connection.However, it's limited to 2.4GHz networks only, which may not be ideal for bandwidth-intensive tasks, and it's not compatible with Mac systems or 5GHz networks. If you have a 5G network, I recommend looking for an adapter that supports 5G to fully utilize your network's capabilities. Overall, it's a good choice for basic internet needs, providing stable performance in a small package.

Very good little WiFi dongle.

Nice little dongle for your older laptop without WiFi or with a slower built in adapter. The signal is strong in my flat and the throughput is good. The signal seems very robust as I move around and I had no stability issues. I'd get another!

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